Ready for Travel

What do you think about Human Rights?

Do you like them?

Do you want them?

Do you believe other countries should take them away from others?

In a week I am baording a plane for Israel.

My oldest son Steven and I are going as a part of an International delegation to facilitate an historic, first ever International Human Rights Conference on Religious Minorities around the issue of international religious persecution. This conference on December 14 & 15th of 2009 at the Hebrew University will mark the launch of OFWI’s human rights education work in the international sphere. More than that, it will bring together participants from around the world in the context of an inter-faith event. Our purpose will be to address and bring international attention to the increase in persecution of religious minorities and anti-Semitism that is taking place around the world. Our aim will be that of determining ways to cooperate in combating these threats to our most basic freedoms.

I need your help. Would you like to sponsor Steven and Myself on this trip?

#1. Please pray for us!
#2. Please give to sponsor our expenses for the trip.

All of us value the lives we live. As we grow older we begin to value the legacy we will leave for our children. When you invest in a trip like this you are investing in a legacy for your children’s future!

Thank you for your considerations.

Blessings always!

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