Beauty is in the eyes of the Beloved (response to Hey Beautiful People)

Isn’t it amazing that one of the things we all seem to struggle with in one way or another is the fact which you so clearly state in your opening line….Hey Beautiful People…I truly doubt many of us reading this consider ourselves very beautiful… whether it be in a physical way or via our personality or what ever, we simply don’t see ourselves as very beautiful.

Most don’t even consider the possibility we’re even moderately attractive, right ? If the truth was to told, we would have to admit there is a whole lot of ugly about us most of the time and to us that fact is glaringly apparent. We are certain everyone sees this ugliness we see… don’t they ?? It is that clear isn’t it?
“It is from in here” most of us would say…

I continue to be surprised that when I compliment someone for being beautiful or having a great smile or being talented at what they do or for whatever reason, most times they deny or rebut that compliment. maybe it’s because it’s coming from me ?? I think they simply can’t believe it to be true…. thoughts of “that can’t be right” or “I can’t possible be like what he is saying” …These thoughts race through our minds and they push us back to that place of rejection we all know so well.

The old saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…” where did that saying come from ? I don’t even think it’s completely true. We need to change that saying. I say we change it today. I say we change it to say “Beauty is in the eye of the Beloved” What do you think ?

Hey, that’s us!!!
The Beloved
We are His Beloved and He is ours !
He calls us Lovely

We are His Beautiful Ones !!!
The apple of His eye.

We aren’t beautiful people because of our deposit of physical attributes no more than we are ugly due to the lack of them. We are beautiful people for no other reason than He Says So “and He Never Lies.”
Beautiful People

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