Ever had a need and you called out for help? Have you been afraid that no one would help you?

The most painful step is reaching out. Take an adventure out into the world of people who really want to help. This is stepping out from the invisible realm of fears into the world of love. Not everyone who you ask can but most will want to even if they can’t then.

The fears inside each of us can bind us up and keep us away from the help we need. Don’t allow an invisible mindset keep you from a perfect opportunity for blessing. Take love from the invisible God… say, “I receive the perfect love of God into me right now!” Now say it again, “I receive the perfect love of God into me right now!”

Now tell me what you experience! Write to me and tell your story. Tell us how it works for you.

Will you be changed into a strong confident giver. Now reach out to help someone in need. Look for the opportunity. Here is a list of choices:
Call a friend to give them a word of encouragement.
Send a card of thank you with a $5 bill in it.
When you get up today, ask yourself, “What can I give away today?”
What friend can I take to a movie?
What friend needs someone to hang out with today?
Who can I pray for today?

In short… you reap what you sow. Another way to say this is… you get back what you give away.

Don’t let fear rob you of a fruitful life! What do you think? Will you reach out?

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