Be Here Now

There is a power of spirit that comes when I live in NOW. Today hangs on a cross between two thieves. The thief of yesterday and the thief of tomorrow.

You and I do not have yesterday now. Yesterday is gone forever. The ties from yesterday are only held by the strength of my resolve to hold on to the memories, the judgments, the issues, the values, and the beliefs that I am who I am as a result of the experiences that changed me.

You and I do not have tomorrow. Tomorrow waits for us all. I do not have the opportunity to live in what is not mine. I can look forward to a time ahead of me, but I only have now.

Right in this moment. And now this moment is gone and another is given to me. And now that moment is now gone. I have this time right now. Now is where the I AM lives. He is always present.

Can you be present with Him now?

I am working on this but I am still looking back and looking forward to many many people, places, things, events, things.

Can you be here now? Is everything you and I need in the now?

Let me hear from you.

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