Living by the light

When is the last time you felt fear? Remember the boogie-man in the closet or under the bed? Of course this is only possible because it was dark. So dark that I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.

In the dark I can’t see.
In the dark things hide.
In the dark my fears come alive.
In the dark nocturnes connive.

In the dark cobwebs live undectected.
In the dark my mind goes unprotected.
In the dark the some scurry for roaches.
In the dark some flurry for coaches.

In the light I can see.
In the light nothing can hide.
In the light my mind makes sense.
In the light I give up expense.

Now I can see the time at hand and the life I want to live. For the light has a name that is above all names… that name is Jesus. I come to the light and now I find, that I can see with light what I live.

Have a great day and choose to share!

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