A Glorious Testimony

Do you have a story of God’s power working in you? Will you write your testimony here?
I want to share a testimony of a transformed life.

A lady comes in for ministry. She experienced untold breakings through the trauma of her childhood. Abuse became a “natural” part of her. Physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse from her father broke any trust she would have for those in authority in her life. The world that her heavenly Father created for her to seek Him, crushed her until she did not know where to turn.

She had more questions than answers. More questions came up that began to eat away her own sanity. “There has to be a reason,” she said… “Is it my fault…?” “It is your fault…” It is my father’s fault…” “It is my mothers fault for not protecting me…” The confusion grew and grew. “What is wrong with me that I can’t have a life like any other “normal” person.” “My family goes to church.” “I have to figure this out.” There has to be a good explanation for bad things happening to good people… “How do I get away from this life.” Hopeless, helpless and a sense of futility set in as she explored every possible solution. She began to check-out a little at a time until depression became a way of life. She is given medicine for pain that nobody can see… and received artificial help… numbness. Just enough help to keep her from taking her life.

Regular visits to the Psychiatrist, Christian counselor, and Pastor friends, as well as a nutritionist became her regimen. Over 15 years of stolen minutes, hours, and days. Days in darkness, issues with husband, children, and over three hundred thousand dollars later she is broken, desperate and sceptical.

She needs freedom. She needs hope. She needs Jesus! But, oh yeah, she has Him. She is saved when she is young. She is a believer. And yet, she is held in bondage.

Until the fall of 2007 she literally stays in the bed for 14 to 20 hours a day. This goes on for over fifteen years. The darkness of her bedroom and only out for what is required and what she experiences as breakthrough at church worship times. Then back into the darkness of her bedroom and the oppression of hopelessness.

After all this she hears about a ministry called, “SOZO.” Her sister has been touched and she is encouraged to try it. “You have tried everything else. Why not try this.” Her sister says. Is there a last hope in God… a freedom that she does not know.

She comes to Asheville, NC skeptical. Breakthrough comes as the power of Holy Spirit in revelation, deliverance, and healing touches her entire being. She experiences God like never before. Her perspective changes. Her family is forgiven. Her judgments are repented of. Her God like vows are broken and renounced. Unrighteous soul-ties severed. Her belief system changes as the Spirit of truth walks into a relationship with her.

This relationship Jesus bought with His blood. Her life is purchased by the One who loves her. Now she catches God’s vision, agrees with the truth of God’s Word, and takes action in agreement with His revelation. The victim transforms into more than a conqueror.

A couple of Sozoes later, God puts her fractured heart and soul back together and she is made whole by the power of the Holy Spirit. Her life changes as she walks into the presence of God and learns how to draw His virtue and power through Holy Spirit.

Now after six or seven Sozo experiences she is walking in wholeness. She is set free. She is heaed. And now she is a fighter. No more medication is needed. No Psychiatrist is needed and only a Christian counselor now and then.

Now she functions by her husband’s side as a minister of the gospel. Working a job as a trained nutritionist. And now facilitates Sozo to other people as Holy Spirit directs. She is made new by the blood of Jesus, by the obedience to the word of God, and by the power of Holy Spirit.

You can be whole too…. this is the ministry of Reconciliation. The path of Holy Spirit Sozo.

How is your life?

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