Faith Works!!

Have you ever heard the phrase “faith without works is dead”? Some questions are good for us to ask. Faith determines everything in a persons life because we live in a world that God has created for faith to be honored.

Today was such a day. It started early with a missing passport.

I have a friend in Uganda, a man of God who has now raised up over 220 churches, takes care of a few hundred orphans and is continually pushing forward to win Africa for Christ! Therefore he chose “Africa my Dream” as a focus for the month of September. For about two months now Pastor Naboth has wanted me to come speak at the conferences being held between September 20-26, and I believed that God wanted me to go. My heart lept with the visison of lost souls being saved, and the opportunity to fulfill one of the desires of my heart; which is to speak into the lives of men and women in leadership.

However, my family has been packing in preparation to sell our home. This and other family issues had surrounded this descision with aprehension. Now this is where faith and works come into play. Faith is receiving God’s word and choosing to act on it.

Yesterday morning I made the desicion to fulfill the word of the lord. This decision began

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