Demon Busters Process



This book will give you God's perspective on demons!!!
This book will give you God’s perspective on demons!!!

Remember, freedom is a journey of relationship with God in the body, soul, and Spirit – not an arrival. What you choose to believe determines what you will experience. Jesus said, “Be it unto you according to your faith…” Remember, faith without works is dead. Working through the natural symptoms, the God-given process of the soul is necessary for the development of faith. God loves this process. He said come and let us reason together. This process will open a door of access to this place of reason.

I have made this workbook to function as either a personal Sozolife experience or as a frame through which you can learn how to minister to others. This process, guided through the power of the Holy Spirit, will bring freedom and release to you or a client into a life of the Spirit. So you will recognize that in some places I will refer to you as an individual, and at other times I will refer to the client. A process is necessary for the soul, whether it be for your own heart or the heart of a client.

The following Card is the 8-step process we will follow.

Deliverance Process Card
Deliverance Process Card




Introduce the Process

If you have never heard of the Sozo process, the following few pages will help you understand and walk toward God through the power of the Holy Spirit

1.  In this experience we will ask a lot of questions. Some of you, some of the Spirit of truth, some of Jesus. He will speak to you in a number of different ways; like thoughts that roll across in the back of your mind, memories that when put into words give direction or meaning, pictures that appear on the screen of your mind, or impressions you have a deep “knowing” about. Through this process, write down any changes that might in your physical body (like a heat flash) in the experiences you relate. (James 5:16; 1 John 1:9)

2.  The process of Sozo is a walk in the Spirit between you and God and is therefore an act of faith. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Therefore, the words you use must stir your faith. So if you think of words that hold more power than the words written here, please use them. This is just an outline to follow.

3.  You will be working through some repeat after me prayers and/or statements that will confess sins, renounce lies, repent for judgments, break agreement with vows and heart covenants, as well as sever unrighteous soul ties. We call this working the Kingdom Circle. (Romans 8:1-11, James 4:6-8)

As you begin to ask questions, you will clearly direct your questions. For example: “Holy Spirit of truth, will you show me where this action first started in my life?” As you are receiving the answer from God you will recognize two senses or flows of feelings through this session.

 The First: A sense of a flow from Spiritwhich will feel like a bubbling up from your stomach area and then a “knowing…” or memory about either an experience or a word or phrase about an answer to a question. (Jesus said, from your belly will flow rivers of living water.)

The Second: A sense of mind editing that will feel like a ticker tape of thoughts clicking through the back of your mind, and then a conclusion of these thoughts spitting out. When you are asking a question, you may have to wait for an answer. Don’t be anxious about time or your performance. (you will want to keep the mind editing to a minimum)  

I recommend that you do some hearing, sensing and seeing in the Spirit exercises, in the beginning to get your imagination up and running. The imagination is the platform where the physical and spiritual realms meet, and the images appear on the screen of your mind.



Activation Exercises

  1. The following is an inner-man sensing exercise. Work though each word waiting for each image to form on the screen of your mind. Then stay connected with your mind’s eye picture, not changing the picture but looking into all the details. And write down each detail. (For example the background color of the picture. Whether it is white or gray or black. Is the object standing alone like a picture or is there a setting like a house, green grass, blue sky or so forth?)

Speak this word to yourself and picture this on the screen of your mind… (Work through these words one at a time…) 

i.      “Coca Cola” – Now describe the picture that formed on the screen of your mind in writing here.

 ii.      “Rainbow” – Describe the scene and write it down here.

iii.      “Tower” – Now describe this scene on paper as well.

Now do the same exercise with the following words. Let a picture, feeling, sense, or thought form on the screen of your mind and then describe the scene or picture in detail in writing here. Use as much detail as possible.

iv.      Anger

v.      Love

The scripture says in 1 John 4:1 “Try the spirits, to see whether they are of God…” So you can sense the Spirits. Also, you have the gift of discernment that allows you to discern the spiritual climate and spiritual beings around you. (Hebrews 5:14; 1 Corinthians 12:10-13) When you sense or discern a spirit, you will do so by describing the quality of energy coming from the spirit being. (For example, if a being is emanating a cold and depressing energy it is depression; if a spirit is emanating a positive light with the energy of life and strength it is an angel of God sent for a purpose.)

So I want you, with your Spirit, to reach out and “scan” or take a look around with your spiritual eyes. Scan the room slowly in a circle. “Do you sense any other presences here?” These may appear as a blip on a radar screen or a form on an ultra-sound screen:

  • When you sense something, describe on paper what you see or sense and where it is located.
  • Reach out with your spiritual senses and discern each presence, one at a time. “What words would you use to describe what you are feeling coming from that presence?”

Opening Blockages

  • If you are not sensing anything, there may not be anything present. It is also possible that you may be shut down and unable to sense what is around you. Most people do not have a habit of sensing what is around them. If this is a new experience for you, it may start slow.

When you make decisions in your heart you experience the results of faith. In Romans 10:9–10, you establish an eternal covenant by believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth. Since this works with salvation it will also work for all other covenants. Now you are beginning to engage spiritual sight. “Have you at any time been taught in your church or family that you can’t hear sense, feel or see God?”  If yes, follow these actions.

  1. “Lord God, I confess before you the sin of believing false teachings about God, myself, and others… and I choose today to break agreement with all the teachings of man and/or doctrines of demons in Jesus’ name.”
  2. “I choose to forgive my teachers who taught me…” (name them if possible)
  3. “I break agreement with the lie that says, “I cannot hear, see, feel, or sense God… and I step into agreement with the truth that says, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and I give unto them eternal life…” John 10
  4. “I break any vow that I have believed in my heart or spoken with my mouth about God that would say, “I can’t see in the spirit.” … “God doesn’t want to be seen…”
  5. “And I choose to bless my teachers… I agree with God that he/she will come into the truth.”

Hearing God

You must understand that you can “hear” God with all five senses. Helen Keller is a prime example. If Helen Keller had not used her imagination to process the outside world, she would not have been able to communicate what her heart was saying to anyone. Writing down what you hear through all five senses is a new experience for most people. Exercise it and it will grow. Now ask yourself, what is the most important issue in my life right now? Then ask, “Holy Spirit of truth, how does this issue affect my life and belief system?” Now, what do you hear, see, sense, or feel anything as you ask this question? (Write the theme here.)

When you are moving to an experience, you may see different images flipping like a picture book. Let them flip until the Holy Spirit causes your memory to rest on one. Then write a description of this memory in as much detail as possible below. You may have a sense of a memory. You may hear a word, like childhood. Then we will ask another question.

Why so many questions?

I asked the Holy Spirit, “Why so many questions? Why don’t you just tell us the answer right away?”

He said, “How do you get to know someone?”

I responded with, “Well, by asking them questions.”

He then said, “I like questions because it causes them to hear me and know me; and it causes them to know me and hear my voice in a repetitive fashion. You learn by doing.”

The memory or experience that comes up first may be on the way to the first time you experienced this feeling or sense. When you get to the experience, describe the memory in as much detail as possible. Then play the memory again and write what is happening.



If you are ministering to someone, let them verbalize in their own words the symptoms they are facing. As they are speaking, listen to them with good eye contact, and then ask questions that will bring clarity, if needed, to the exact issue or place of demonic oppression. Remember, wherever demonic oppression exists, there will be sin issues for them to deal with.

The Six Door Chart

When you are finished with the questions, look on the six doors chart to locate the door and the key that opened the door. Another option will be to work through the Six Doors Chart, one door or square at a time. The chart will show you how to deal with the issue at hand. As you discern the door and how it was opened, the Spirit will show you how to deal with the issue and close the door. Ask the Spirit of truth any question you want to know.



Now begin this process with a word of Prayer:

Let’s begin with Prayer…

(If you are ministering to someone this is a Repeat after me prayer, phrase by phrase. Make the phrases short.)

“Heavenly Father, I give you my heart and my life. You are my Lord and I will have no other. Father God, will you please send the blood of Jesus and cleanse my body, soul and Spirit…?

I choose to confess any sins, transgressions, and iniquities before you now in the name of Jesus and I entirely submit my body, soul and spirit to you right now in Jesus’ name…!

Today, I confess my fear, doubt and unbelief before you. Lord Jesus, will you send a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit into my body, soul and spirit right now?

Background Information

Ephesians 6:12 MSG “This is no afternoon athletic contest that we’ll walk away from and forget about in a couple of hours. This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his angels.”

Step into the Authority of Christ

You and I are in a battle that rages around us in the seen and the unseen realms. Sometimes the impulses you feel are coming from the lusts in your flesh, while other urges, usually with force are coming from the spirit realm…therefore it is imperative for you to put on the armor of God and stand in the authority that Christ established for you through the cross.

Put on God’s whole armor [the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil.

Put On Your Spiritual Armor

“Lord God, in Jesus name I take the armor of God. I choose to put on the belt of truth… let me see, know and experience the spirit of truth and wear the belt of truth now in Jesus name…

And Lord God, I choose to put on the breastplate of righteousness. Lord I choose to yield to you and your righteousness. So I do not stand in my own righteousness, but I stand in your righteousness… Lord I confess as sin any time I have stood in my own righteousness, my own ideas and my own opinions…

Lord God, I put on now the gospel of peace on my feet. I walk right in the peace of God and will not be rattled by what I see or what I experience. You have created me for a relationship with you in the Holy Spirit…and I take that truth now in Jesus name.

Lord God, I choose to take the shield of faith… I choose to believe now. Lord God, I believe that you are the one who owns all things, is in charge of it all things, and the one who will give me the power to overcome all things. I choose faith.

Lord God, I put on the helmet of salvation on my head. I choose the mind of Christ in truth. Guard my thoughts and my heart as I walk through this time in Jesus’ name.

Lord God I take the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God. I will strike down all the lies of the wicked one. I will fight the good fight of faith. I will wield the sword of the spirit through the power of the spoken word in Jesus’ name… Amen.



Since you exist in the physical (seen) and spirit (unseen) realm at the same time, this next section will be a spiritual discernment exercise.

Spiritual Discernment

You are told in the Bible to try (test) the spirits to see if they are from God. According to scripture, there are angels of light that are sent to help you, and angels of darkness that are sent to destroy you. The angels that are sent to help you will minister to you, strengthen you, guard you, bring revelation to you, and fight the spiritual warfare with you. (Hebrews 1:14) The spirits that are sent to destroy you are demons. They will frustrate the grace of God, condemn you, accuse you, and as a result steal, kill, and destroy whatever you allow. As you live life here on earth and walk through different experiences, you will pick up demonic leaches. These demons will suck the life, hope, love, faith, power and revelation from you. It is therefore paramount that you learn to discern the spirits.

The scripture says, “BELOVED, DO not put faith in every spirit, but prove (test) the spirits to discover whether they proceed from God… (4)  Little children, you are of God [you belong to Him] and have [already] defeated and overcome them [the agents of the antichrist], because He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:1-4 AMP)

Your soul, submitted to the Holy Spirit of truth, will register and evaluate the quality, character, attitude, and disposition of the spiritual beings around you. With your spirit, the invisible eyes of the heart, you can look around in the spirit realm and see if there are any perceivable presences around you. Then discern their origin and purpose. When you have discerned these spiritual beings, then you can take the proper action toward them. Remember to replace each unclean spirit with the opposite holy angel or spirit. (I have included a list for these in a later section for your reference.) Here are a few questions to get you started.

Begin With The Most Recent Incident

FIRST QUESTION: ASK: “Can you remember the time when you experienced the last oppression?” Let them go into the memory of that last encounter. Warn them that the feelings will not be good, but soon they will be delivered!

SECOND QUESTION: ASK: “Will you describe the event in as much detail as possible?” As they tell the story, begin to make a mental note concerning the various emotions or feelings they are experiencing.

THIRD QUESTION: ASK: “How would you put the senses or feelings from this experience into words? Or “If the feelings coming up inside you could speak, what would they say?” Write down the phrases that come up, and then recite the statements that they have just given you, in a list form. These will be the sins, lies, judgments, vows, generational curses, and heart beliefs that must be renounced and repented of, for a lasting freedom to be achieved. (James 4:6-8) These will be dealt with when you work the kingdom circle.

FOURTH QUESTION: ASK: Now while you are sensing these feelings ask this question… “Holy Spirit of truth, will you please show me where this spirit first entered my life?” In this you are asking the Holy Spirit to show you what circumstance and what decision caused you to come into agreement with the demonic. After this is revealed, work through the kingdom circle.   

FIFTH QUESTION: ASK: “Holy Spirit of truth, will you open the Spirit realm right now and show me what is going on around me right now please?”

Scan the Room

Now, Close your eyes and with your Spiritual eyes look around in the Spirit realm. It will be like scanning the room with a red scanning line.

Please make a note of the location where you sense a presence of a spirit being or beings right now. Move your right hand (in the spirit) in a clock wise direction, and scan a circle around you (you may sense or see a cloud, a black hooded figure, snakes or holy angels: each entity will usually be dressed in agreement with their job: death can be dark and cold with a reaper.) Remember, demons lie, and at times they will hide. This may happen because a part of the person getting delivered may not want to let go of the demon. If the demon disappears, begin confessing the sins, lies, vows, judgments, and generational curses that surround the issue that has come up through the Six Door Chart.

Where you see a presence place an X, and then mark it with a number in the order around the circle below. You are in the circle and your face is at the point of the arrow. A prayer for this may be something like:

“Lord Jesus, will you show me what presences are present around me right now, and will you reveal each presence in its true form, Please?

Now, describe the kind of energy you sense coming from each presence. This will be what you sense, feel, hear, see, or have an impression about.

(For example: number one is a foggy cloud and from it I sense fear… and if it could speak it would say… “I’m going to kill you…” or “You can’t do anything by yourself…” or “I control you and I will help you keep it together…” Just give these feelings or etc. words…) If this energy could speak, what would it say? Romans 10:9-10

Energy characteristics: (How would you describe the energy coming from the first presence?)


The energy type of the spirit will tell you what its purpose is and why it has come.


When you discern the spirit and what its purpose is, it’s time to get down to the basics of how the door was opened to this spirit, and take the steps to close the door.


As you describe the energies coming from each presence… the characteristics of the energy will give you an indication of what the demon is and the doors or issue you will need to deal with…  (For example: if one senses lust with the feelings of sexual sin with a residual dirty violation feeling, then this is defilement. This is usually picked up through sexual sin and therefore sexual sin must be confessed… then repent for any and every judgment made toward anyone who has participated with you in these acts.)  Confess any sin involved, renounce any lie agreed with, repent for any judgment made, and/or break any vow or covenant agreed upon.

List the sin issue, the lie agreed with, the covenant made, the vow spoken or agreed with in the heart.

List the truths spoken and agreed with that is the opposite of the original wrong pattern.



After you have connected with the last time you experienced the demonic oppression, and then moved to use that sense and feeling to go to the first agreement. This is the time they said “YES!” to this demon. When you arrive at the memory of that experience, treat it like a real happening, regardless of how you remember it.

“Holy Spirit of truth, do you want to show me where this spirit first gained entrance into my life?

Describe this experience by writing it in bullet points, event-by-event. You may have to go over and over the memory and ask the Spirit of truth to focus them in memory. If the memory is painful, you will need to encourage them with the value of renouncing the first lie and replacing it with truth.

Our heart agreements are like signed contracts for the guidance of the soul. You are looking for the moment they believed they needed help and what decision they made to get it.

How old do you sense you are in this memory?  _______________

Now, ask the Spirit of truth to slow this memory down and ask this question…. “What feelings do I sense coming up from within me during this event?”

Discerning the Belief System

If these feelings had words what would they say? Let these become statements… like. I am angry. I am helpless and hopeless, and I need help. I will never let that happen again to me. I hate them for doing that to me. And explain that these feelings and senses can be woven like a rope and have many fibers that will be a little different feeling. Hate can be mixed with resentment. Anger can be mixed with betrayal. Betrayal may be mixed with helplessness. Animosity can mesh with revenge. And etc.

Write these feelings in the order they come up… These feeling are the heart agreements and hold the lies that the demon is attached to: like “I break agreement with a lie that says, ‘I am helpless.’ And I come into agreement with the truth that says, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’” Another, “I break agreement with a lie that says, ‘I am rejected, because they betrayed me.’ And I come into agreement with the truth that says, ‘I am accepted in Christ who chose me before the foundations of the world.’”

In the feelings you just experienced… Write to the right of the specific feeling the offence toward self, others or God…) (Example: feeling of Betrayal… the betrayal is saying… “be angry, hurt someone, take revenge, act out hostility, you are hopeless, Stand up for yourself in pride…” Feeling of fear… the fear is saying “withdraw and protect yourself…” etc).  Each of these feeling or offences will tell you what sins you have committed, what lies you have believed, what vows you have agreed with, and if there are any curses connected…

Energy characteristics:

The sin issue, the lie agreed with, the covenant made, the vow spoken or agreed with in the heart…

The truths spoken and agreed with that is the opposite of the original wrong pattern…

Energy characteristics:

The sin issue, the lie agreed with, the covenant made, the vow spoken or agreed with in the heart…

The truths spoken and agreed with that is the opposite of the original wrong pattern…



Are you ready to deal with these issues now?

This is the Kingdom Circle because the rule and reign will come from within you. Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” As you start to work this circle, put the experience or issue inside the circle, and begin with Step 1. After step one is complete, go back to the experience and move it to the second step, and continue around the kingdom circle.

The Kingdom Circle
The Kingdom Circle

Walk through Repentance

The illustration here is a helicopter pad. Through lies, judgments, vows, sins, soul ties, curses, self covenants we build a place that gives a demon the legal right to terrorize. As you tear this pad apart and carry it away, the demon loses strength and cannot stay. Casting them out after this is like swatting a fly.

Working the Kingdom Circle involves the act of placing the event that formed the belief system that invited the demon’s involvement, in the center of the Kingdom Circle. Each step will process your heart to cleanse the soul. As you complete each step, you will restore your belief system by renouncing the lies that you have chosen to believe, and breaking the power of words that have been spoken in your life, breaking the vows you have made to protect yourself, repenting of the judgments you have made to usurp yourself above another, and receive the truth of God for the lies you have received.

A lie is a deception and falsehood that fabricates a reason to do something that I already know is wrong. A vow is an agreement we make with our self or someone else to stay in control. A curse is conjured words spoken for the purpose of revenge, control, or manipulation of other people. Lies must be replaced with truth. Vows must be broken. Curses must be shattered and a blessing received in its place.

A young man who came for help, believed a lie that said, “My parents don’t want me to be happy and do not have my best interest at heart.” Another lie was “If I am going to have what I want, I have to go out and get it for myself.” He also made a vow that says, “I will never let anyone tell me what to do again.” He then reacted to a curse from his father who abandoned him while he was still in his mother’s womb. His thoughts were like this: “Anyone who abandons me and acts in their own selfish interest cannot be trusted.” They are selfish and only want what is best for them.”

This is an example that shows the way the lie can connect with vows, judgments and propel the action of sin.

This step requires the power of the words professed out loud. You may use this prayer if your will insert your own sin issues, lies, judgments, and vows where this young man’s issues are listed.

Lord God, in Jesus’ name, I renounce the lies that say, “My parents do not have my best interest at heart, and I have a right to do whatever I want.” And I now come into an agreement with the truth that says, “My parents, although I may not understand them, do want what is best for me. And I know that God is guiding them to prepare me for my life purpose.” I also renounce the lie that says “I am rejected and abandoned by my parents, who do not love me.”  And I come into an agreement with the truth that says, “I am accepted by God, my eternal father, who says ‘I chose you in Christ before the foundations of the world’ – therefore I am chosen.” I agree with the truth that says, “The Eternal Spirit has always been with me, he said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’ and I am not abandoned.”

I break the power of the vow that says, “I will never let anyone tell me what to do.” I repent with my heart and confess with my mouth that I have dishonored the authorities in my life, and I agree that this action is sin. I command every word formed against me as a curse or a scorn to fall to the ground right now. Lord God, creator of heaven and earth will you break the curse and release the power of your blessing into my life now? Also, I choose to break an agreement with a spirit of abandonment, and I receive the Spirit of Adoption that my heavenly Father gives to all who believe in him.

And finally, I break an agreement with a vow that says, “I will never let them do that to me again!” I agree with the truth that says, “I will forgive my parents and every authority, just like Jesus forgave me.” Lord God, I release this offense to you in Jesus’ name. Will you please help with this issue and bring healing into my soul… in Jesus name?  I command your covenant of blood-bought forgiveness, grace and redemption to live in me from this day forward in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Put the circumstance, experience, or issue to process in the middle of this circle, and then start at Step #1 and work your way around the Kingdom Circle using prayers to fulfill what each step calls for.

“Holy Spirit of truth, what part of this is sin and I need to confess to you? (Now just confess what you hear and how you hear it…)”

Ask… is this sin?  “Lord Jesus, I confess any sin of the lust of the flesh… where I have tried to meet my own needs, or protect myself through the strength my own flesh and not come to you for what I need.”

Ask… is the response to this feeling sin?  “Lord Jesus, I confess any sin of a wrong response when I engaged in the pride of life to protect myself, to judge another for their actions against me, or to put myself in the place of God to determine right and wrong, and therefore choose isolation and/or self centeredness.”

Ask… is this feeling a hurt?  “Lord Jesus, I confess any and all unforgiveness and/or resentment toward _______________________ who has hurt me.” AND then “_______________ (name this person if possible) I forgive you for ______________ me. I forgive you for all hurt, evil, and or abuse you chose to participate in toward me. Lord Jesus, I repent for any and all judgment I have spoken either with my mouth and/or my heart toward this person. Father God, will you forgive ____________________ for hurting, or for committing evil against me?”


Working through your feelings is like working with a barometer. Your feeling will not always tell you the truth, but your feelings can tell you where your belief system is causing pain, and where the demonic is accessing your psyche.

Many times we choose to focus our feelings toward self, God and/or another person. The one or ones to whom we focus our feelings toward, we will also choose to hate, resent, reject, and or judge for our own issues/problems. Therefore, we must take responsibility and confess the sin involved. Then come into agreement with the truth by speaking the scripture out loud.

Who are these feelings directed toward? (Circle the correct the one or more that apply)

MYSELF               ANOTHER PERSON                    GOD

Holy Spirit, what do you want me to do about the focus of my feelings? (Do whatever the Spirit says.)

If this is directed toward self then pray…

“Lord God, I choose to confess the sin of rejecting and/or resenting myself and therefore rejecting and/or resenting what God has made. I choose to come into agreement with the Word of God that says, “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

If this is directed toward God then pray…

“Lord God I choose to confess the sin of resenting and/or rejecting and/or judging you and your work, for in this I question your heart toward me as evil. And I come into the truth that says in “Jeremiah 31:3-4 ‘…Yea, I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn you. (4) Again I will build thee, and you will be built…’”

If this is directed toward another then pray…

“Lord God I choose to confess the sin of resenting and/or rejecting and/or judging ______________, the one you are perfecting and changing. I confess that I am not God and that I am not to determine their future. And I come into agreement with the truth that says, “So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.” Romans 14:12

Then say this individually for each entity… “By the power of the blood of Jesus and in the authority of the word of God I bind you spirit of __________________ (use the descriptions to name them if you do not know the name) in the name of Jesus Christ. And now I command you to leave my life now, go back to the throne of God and give an account of yourself. And I command you, ‘Never return to me, in Jesus’ name.’”



Now, make a divine exchange. After you have commanded the unclean spirit or spirit’s to go, then replace each presence with the opposite Spirit of God…

Step number Seven is to command every unclean spirit that has gained a legal right to enter my life, to be bound and leave my life now. Through the soul and in the imagination we engage the realm of the spirit, where the holy and unholy angels travel. Unclean spirits are master liars and act like good accusatory lawyers. Where we are living contrary to the word of God, they bring destruction and exercise judgment as a District Attorney. Fear is one of the fastest ways to give a dark spirit or a demon access to your life. Jehovah Sabaoth is the Lord of Hosts, meaning that He is the master of all hosts in heaven and earth. Every demon must be submitted to him and his word. Therefore, we must deal with fear if we will walk free.

Demons cannot be seen with the natural eye, but just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean that it cannot affect you. When you think over and over again about the way people have hurt you, or how afraid you are; you move into a place where your heart resents and even hates the life you were given. Then you have a bitter taste in your mouth for yourself and others. It is fear, rebellion, bitterness, resentment, and sexual sin that open the doors of your heart to a demon spirit’s influence.

When you experience a life story that contains excessive fear, and thoughts that everyone is trying to take advantage of you, fear coupled with the unforgiveness will open a door to dark spirits.

A prayer will be something like this.

“Lord God, I take the authority that Jesus Christ has given me, and I receive the power of the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and I command the unclean spirit of _________________ to be bound in Jesus’ name. Now I command you unclean spirit to leave my life now. Leave my body and soul. Take all of the root systems that you have created, and go back before the throne of God and give an account of yourself before Him. I do not want you, I do not need you and I confess any sin of participating with you now in Jesus’ name. Go now in Jesus’ name and do not return to me!

It is important to replace the evil spirit with a corresponding ministry of the Holy Spirit and the cultivate life habits in agreement with God’s Spirit and truth. The way we do this is to speak and thereby make a covenant with our heart and lips, in agreement with the ministry of the living God. When we just release spirits and do not replace them, a possible re-entry will occur, and the end will be worse than the beginning. Luke 11:24-26

And now I receive the Spirit of ________________ into my life where the unclean spirit once stood, and I receive the ministry of the Spirit of truth. Lord Jesus will you please baptize me with the Holy Spirit now, in Jesus’ name? Thank you Lord Jesus for your Baptism, in Jesus’ name… AMEN!

These confessions mixed with faith will break each spirit’s power.

In the name of Jesus and by the power of his blood, I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over all creation, and I submit to him right now. Lord God, I take the authority you have given me, and by the power of the blood of Jesus, I command any and every unclean spirit in me to be bound in Jesus’ name and to leave my life now! I renounce any involvement with them, and any participation with them, and any agreement that I have ever had with them. Unclean spirit, I do not need you, I do not want you, and I command you to leave my life now, in Jesus’ name.’ Go now, before the throne of God, and give an account of yourself, and do not return to me in Jesus’ name!’

Lord Jesus, I agree with you that I have lived in fear. But from this moment, I renounce the spirit of fear and I receive a spirit of power love and a sound mind. I choose right now to receive your perfect love to fill me. I confess any unforgiveness as sin, and I choose to forgive anyone who has ever hurt me. I choose to live in a spirit of forgiveness from this day forward.

Lord Jesus, will you please send the Holy Spirit to fill me, and send your healing light into my heart, my soul, my body, and my life right now, please? I receive the Spirit of holiness, the spirit of burning and justice, with power and might, to guard me in all the places of my heart and soul. Thank you Lord Jesus. I affirm my confidence and faith in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross right now in the name of Jesus, AMEN!

Spirit replacement Guide:

For defilement (sexual or verbal) – replacement = Spirit of burning and justice; Isaiah4:4

For fear – replacement = perfect love that casts out all fear; 1 John 4:18

For an Orphan spirit – replacement = Spirit of adoption; Romans 8:15

For lust replacement = Spirit of Love – 2 Timothy 1:7; purity of love – Galatians 5:16-24

For insanity – replacement = Spirit of a sound mind – 2 Timothy 1:7

For pride – replacement = the mind of Christ, Philippians 2; Spirit of the Lord, Isaiah 11:2

For rejection – replacement = Spirit of Adoption, Rom 8:15; acceptance of Father; Ephesians 1, Ps. 139

For spoken words – replacement = the Spirit of Wisdom, Isaiah 11:2;

For lying spirit – replacement = the Spirit of truth; John 14:15-18

For the spirit of suicide and death – replacement = a Spirit of life in Christ Jesus; Hebrews 2

For the spirit of infirmity – replacement = the Spirit of resurrection,

For insecurity and intimidation – replacement = Spirit of a sound mind, 1 John 4:18

For infatuation with death – replacement = Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, Hebrews 2

For Rebellion – replacement = the Spirit of the Lord, Isaiah 11:2

For Foolishness – replacement = the Spirit of wisdom, Isaiah 11:2

For Confusion – replacement = the Spirit of understanding, Isaiah 11:2

For human understanding – replacement = the Spirit of counsel, Isaiah 11:2

For Infirmity – replacement = Spirit of might, Isaiah 11:2

For Spirit of timidity – replacement = the Spirit of power and might, 2 Timothy 1:7

For Ignorance – replacement = spirit of Knowledge Hosea 4:6

For spirit of fear – replacement = Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, Isaiah 11:2

For spirit of Darkness – replacement = Spirit of God, Genesis 1:2

For a spirit of Depression – replacement = Spirit of God, Exodus 31:3

For spirit of pity – replacement = Spirit of understanding, Isaiah 11:2

For a spirit of victim – replacement = Spirit of the Lord, Judges 3:10; Judges 15:14

For spirit of Jealousy – replacement = Spirit of the fear of the Lord, Isaiah 11:2

For a familiar spirit – replacement = Spirit of God, 1 Samuel 19:23

For a deaf and dumb spirit – replacement = Spirit of the Lord, 2 Samuel 23:2

For spirit of depression – replacement = Spirit of the Lord, 1 Kings 18:12

For spirit of confusion – replacement = Spirit of a sound mind, 2 Timothy 1:7

For a false prophet – replacement = Spirit of the fear of the Lord, Isaiah 11:2

For spirit of Philistines (Intimidation) – replacement = Spirit of God, 2 Chronicles 24:20

For the spirit of abuse – replacement = Spirit of judgment, Isaiah 4:4

For the spirit of destruction – replacement = Spirit of Wisdom, Isaiah 11:2

For the spirit of Egypt – replacement = Spirit of counsel, Isaiah 11:2

For the spirit of Anti-Christ – replacement = Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, Isaiah 11:2

Many times when you deal with one demon, there will be more. Now, use the same process that was written for the first presence, and then deal with the next tormentor




The Spirit is the eternal energy and creative power in the universe and throughout eternity. In fact, God is eternity and has the power to save, deliver and heal you in every area of your life and from any bondage you may find yourself chained to. The imagination is the place where we go to meet the Holy Spirit of truth and receive strength from the spiritual realm. The spirit cleanses us and covers us with the armor of light. When we have cleansed the conscience and soul, the sealing is like having a picture laminated for protection. This sealing must be maintained in the presence of God, just like taking a shower cleanses us and putting on clean clothes covers us, now the power of Holy Spirit empowers us.

As you are delivered, healed, set free and sealed with the Holy Spirit, your fear will leave, the intimidation will be cast out, and your confidence will be established in God’s eternal purpose, and your character is being mended. God always works all things together for our good.

This is a sealing confession. Say it out loud:

A Sealing Prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, will you take all of the lies I have renounced, all the vows I have broken, all the covenants I have come out of agreement with, and all of the curses I or someone else have spoken over my life… will you pull them as threads out of the fabric of my life? And will you replace these ungodly threads with your presence… the spirit of truth? Will you help me now to see the events of my life through your eyes from this day forth… in Jesus Name…?” And will you seal me right now with the Holy Spirit of promise…? Thank you… I praise you and give you glory in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Amen!

You may see something happening as you pray this prayer… if so write it here.

These prayers prayed with confidence will effect change. For the young man in our story, it was after he was able to confess these things aloud that he had a new framework of truth from which to perceive future experiences.

After these evil spirits go and the Spirits or angels of God come, you are ready to ask the Spirit of truth to take you to the Father…

“Holy Spirit of truth, will you and Jesus take me to the Father now?” (As you walk through this experience, write down as much as you can… allow the ministry of the Spirit to invade every part of your being…)

If in the process of activation you see any of the following; allow it to fill your being and go into your body, soul, and Spirit…

  • The eyes of God – let them look into you
  • The arms of the Father – let them hold you
  • The water or river – let it pour over you until you sense you are clean
  • A great light – let the virtue of this light fill you
  • Clouds – let yourself be surrounded with them and/or walk on them

A Prophetic Release of God’s Promise:


This is the time of Blessing. You have the power to bless, and now I want you to use it with us here. This is how it will work. I will read the blessing from Scripture, and then we will all say together, “I agree in Jesus’ name.”

I want to practice this together. “I agree in Jesus’ name.”  Now say that phrase with me. Together now… “I agree in Jesus’ name!”

Now the scripture of Blessing:

Deuteronomy 28:1-14

“Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the LORD your God, to observe carefully all His commandments which I command you today, that the LORD your God will set you high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the LORD your God:

Agree Together now… “I agree in Jesus’ name.”

Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the country. Blessed shall be the fruit of your body, the produce of your ground… Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out.

Agree Together now… “I agree in Jesus’ name.”

The LORD will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before your face; they shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.

Agree Together now… “I agree in Jesus’ name.”

The LORD will command the blessing on you in your storehouses and in all to which you set your hand, and He will bless you in the land which the LORD your God is giving you.

Agree Together now… “I agree in Jesus’ name.”

The LORD will open to you His good treasure… You shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow. And the LORD will make you the head and not the tail; you shall be above only, and not be beneath, if you heed the commandments of the LORD your God, which I command you today, and are careful to observe them.

Agree Together now… “I agree in Jesus’ name.”


Prayer: “Lord God, creator of heaven and earth. You established this child before the foundations of the earth. I command the fruit of this blessing to come forth now in Jesus’ name. Now we dedicate your child to you by the authority of your son Jesus Christ and I ask you Lord to keep them with the mighty angels of God as they heal and as you reestablish their identity, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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