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  1. I really like the faith of God and one of your youtube videos. I have read in James Goll’s book The Seer about prophetic evangelist and know that I can go into anyplace and meet anyone to share Him with. I went to Barleys to play pool with several friends and it was there that I felt compassion for the bar tender and knew that he saw something different in me. I also questioned in my mind if he was seeing in the spiritual realm my angels…I really would like to see things in the spirit and share His word to individuals with that gift …do any of your books share on how to be more “intune” with the spiritual as we did the other night and also with this prophetic evangelist gift. I had a weird dream that involved evangelizing to others and with others but then finding my tool bag where I had left it being void of my two Makita drills…I was in the dream in the city night life area and was grieved that these were stolen but ready to get back to the individual who I was evangelizing with…as I used those two drills today working on my parents back porch I questioned if these tools were idols as I have already given my lathes and a lot of tools away or maybe it shows me that there are things that distract me in my ministry…let me know about the book as I have time now to read and would like to buy one…Isaac

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