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This book will change your Life!
This book will change your Life!

SozoLife is about resolving inner conflicts and achieving inner peace. This book will empower those who have a broken heart, a conflicted soul, or a confused mind, and give them a step by step process to find peace, health, love and hope with the King of the universe. Sozo is a transliterated Greek word that means saved, delivered, healed, and made whole. Have you ever needed someone to comfort you? Have you ever needed healing in your heart? Have you been through a traumatic experience that left a scar on your personality? Do you believe that peace of mind is achievable? Then this book will help you. The book offers the SozoLife structure through which your soul can process the circumstances of life for a confident personality. This book contains prayers and processes that can set you free and heal your body. Just pray them in faith, believing that God will touch you and he will! All of us need to let go of the past and look toward the future with God, and this book will help you do that. The stories in this book will open your eyes to the ways of God and let you take a glimpse at his heart. Take a look and begin your healing today.

The Restoration of the Human Soul

The ministry of Sozolife, is a prophetic prayer process that facilitates the restoration of the human soul to an open and humble relationship with God: through helping people deal with sin issues and walk in righteousness, by bringing healing from soul wounding and empowering the inner man, by receiving deliverance from the demonic oppression of the enemy and walking in the power of the Spirit, by removing past and present lies and walking in the Word of truth, by severing illegal soul ties and choosing Godly heart allies, and by establishing an obedient lifestyle in the kingdom of God, guided by Holy Spirit and founded in the Word of truth.

SozoLife Origins

Sozo begins with God. He is the processor of the human soul because he want to bring you into eternal life, that begins now while you are on earth. Being a transliterated word from Greek, Sozo in the original language means to “save,” that is, “deliver or protect,” and is translated “saved, delivered, healed, to make whole.” (Strong’s Concordance)

When the Apostle Paul says in Romans 10:13, “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” The word “saved” is Sozoed. Therefore, whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be Sozoed! This is the work of God in everyone. This is the process of Holy Spirit in the human heart that manifests in the human life. Jesus Christ bought and paid for this mighty work through his blood, that… “Ye may be blameless and harmless, sons of God.” (Philippians 2:15)

Everyone Can Receive

A mature 60 something year old man came in with a relationship problem much like Nicodemus in John 3. He was not experiencing the whole being born-again relationship with God. After some small talk and conversational catch-up in our lives, I asked, “How would you put your issue into your own words?”

He said, “I see people at my church having a close relationship with Jesus. They talk about God like he is their best friend, hearing him in the word of God, in dreams and visions as well as the revelation that comes through life experience. For some reason I don’t seem to have that, but I want it.”

After a short introduction about the Sozolife ministry he was about to receive, I said, “Will you please repeat this prayer after me, phrase by phrase?”

“Sure….” He was not at all apprehensive.

I said, “Holy Spirit of truth… will you show me where Jesus is right now?” As he repeated this prayer, his head was bowed and his eyes were closed. I have witnessed again and again the Lord giving his kids an answer rather quickly. Maybe it is because we ask verbally. He says that those who ask will receive, those who seek will find, and those who knock, it will be opened to them… and that is a great promise in Matthew 7:7.

After just a few moments he said “I’m seeing a big throne in the distance and Jesus is there.” I was surprised that Jesus was so far away from him, and I sensed that the distance between him and Jesus was not as good thing. This gentleman was a good man, a great father, and a faithful worker all of his life. He had also been a faithful church member. However the distance between him and Jesus was significant, and in my mind I knew it was revealing the issue he had come in with.

“Ok…will you pray this with me now? ‘Holy Spirit of truth, will you show me what the distance is between me and Jesus?’”

A few seconds pass and he said, “Now I see a church building. It looks like the church I attended when I was a boy. I am going inside… I see the pews, the pulpit and the stained glass windows but there is no one here. The church is completely empty.”

I then asked with a sense of surprise, “Do you ever remember being taught that the way to God was through the church.”

“Yes, that was what we believed.”

“Then that is it. The distance between you and Jesus is the church. The church cannot save anyone and no one comes to God through the church. You may hear the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the church, but you only come to God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In John 14:6 Jesus said, ‘I am the way the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father but by me.’ Do you understand this?”

“Yes, I understand.” He said with a ‘what-do-I-do-now’ tone?

“Do you want to resolve this issue right now?”

He said, “Yes… I sure do!” I led him in a prayer of confession unto salvation, and he received Jesus into his heart and life for the first time.

As we finished praying he said, “Oh, wow, Jesus is standing right here next to me now.”

I said, “Oh, really…where do you see him?”

“He is standing beside me, on my right side!”

I said, “Will you ask Jesus this question…Will you take me by the hand and take me to your Father and my Father?”

In a split second, he expressed that he was standing before the same throne that he had seen in the beginning, but now he was standing there with Jesus.

Then I said, “Ask Father God this question, ‘Can I come up and sit on your lap?’”

Father God spoke to him now, “Yes, come on up here.”

He then described walking up the steps of the throne and then God scooping him up and setting him into his lap.

And then I said, “Ask the Father this question and let your heart speak to his heart. Father God, what do you think about me?”

The Father said, “I have always loved you. You are my son and I am glad you are here.”

Then I said, “Ask him this question… Father God, can I live here and on earth at the same time?”

He said the Father said, “Of course, you were seated with Christ before the foundations of the earth. This place was created for you before I framed the world.”

Then I said to him, “What I want you to do now is let the love and energy that you feel coming from God, right now, invade every part of your being. And then, as you feel this energy, please describe his energy feels like.”

He then began to describe the overwhelming love and glory of God filling and healing him! Now he walks in unprecedented access and relationship. This is the work of Holy Spirit using you and me in the ministry of reconciliation. (Ephesians 2:18)

When we are in the manifest presence of God, the number one thing for those who are experiencing his love and power is to let his presence fill their being. Remember, we are only one-third physical. The physical flesh does not adequately measure God’s Spirit. Jesus said to the woman at the well, those who worship God must worship him in Spirit and in truth.

Sozolife is a Spirit-based ministry helping to heal people of the effects of sin and wounding, delivering people from the oppression of demonic strongholds, and then establishing an eternal perspective for walking in a personal relationship with Father God. This is a relationship with the Creator that will bring you into your created purpose, your God-given vision, and your future destiny. God’s invitation stands and is extended to everyone on earth. (Genesis 1:26-27)


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