Steve and Melinda Mitchell faces

Rev. Steve and Melinda Scroggs

One thought on “Steve and Melinda Mitchell faces”

  1. Dear Pastor steve
    Thank you forweb, it was good to hear what The Lord is doing
    in you life and ministry, We in kenya are praying for
    you and we Welcome you to come to this great Nation
    especially in Eldoret Town. We kean plan for a pastors
    and leaders conference for you and wahtever kind of
    meeting you would wish to have. Know that God is in
    the bussiness that you are doing and he will provide
    everything you need for the purpose of the expansion
    of his kingdom.
    i will be very happy to hear from you we have a team
    of pastors from differnt
    dinominations and churches
    that cowork together . i look forward to hearing from
    you Eldoret is Ready for you! Amen.send me books and Bibles and tracts.
    Rev Hesborne A. Namamba po box 4180 Eldoret Kenya


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