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A Sozolife Testimony


One day a lady came in for a Sozo. She was working through some very strong performance issues, which drove her to outperform everyone at work, at church, and even put her in competition with herself. She was pushing herself beyond normal limits at work, even though her boss was not leveraging her for more production.

She thought these often unrealistic expectations were coming from her driven Type A personality. But her desire to succeed was causing some very serious marital and parental problems at home. No one could measure up to her level of performance and her unrealistic demands. She was so driven, that when she came for help she admitted that she could not see herself having the strength to sustain the same level of performance indefinitely. So, she was serious about being in a place for help.

I spent a few minutes introducing her to the Sozolife process and activating the eyes of her heart. Then we prayed together and started. Since she was a no nonsense type A personality, we stepped right into the process. After she stated her issue in her own words I said, “Can we start with a question for God? I believe he speaks to his children and he will talk to you.”

She responded articulately, “Alright, what should I do?”

I said, “This will be a repeat after me question, and as you speak it let your heart ask the Holy Spirit this question. ‘Holy Spirit of truth, will you please show me where this drive to perform is coming from?’” She repeated the question and we waited for Holy Spirit to answer.

In just a few moments she felt a small constriction around her shoulders and sensed darkness all around her. At first this was a little unsettling. Then we asked another question: “Holy Spirit of truth, do you want to show me where I am and how this experience formed this issue in me?”

She said, “Oh… I am in my mother’s womb. Now I am hearing a conversation between my mother and father. I think they are in the kitchen eating supper.” Her mother had just found out that she was pregnant with her, and she could sense the apprehension in her mother’s voice as she was telling her father.

“I am pregnant.” Then she explained a sense that began to build in her through what seemed like an unusually long period of silence, and then her father responded.

“I thought you were on the pill.”

“I was, but one got through.” She could feel the tension inside her begin to grow exponentially. She began to feel an uncertainty of her future. Then she heard her father.

“I don’t know if we can afford to have a baby right now. This is going to put so much pressure on us financially. I may have to go out and get another job.”

“What are you saying…?” her mom said. The discussion escalated. Then her father offered another solution.

“Or… maybe you should go out and get a job. I don’t know if I can do anymore.”

As she was hearing her father and mother’s discussion, her soul was processing even as an unborn child. The Holy Spirit opened up the process and the experience of this memory. When God gives the soul, it does not have to grow up. Although she was not able to process this consciously and intellectually, she was hearing, sensing, and feeling in the present, through the Holy Spirit, a deep sense of frustration coming up in her heart.
I responded to the facial changes with this question. “What are you feeling? If the feelings coming up from deep inside you could speak what would they say?”

We sat for a few moments so that she could find the words to describe what these intense feelings would say. “I am hurt and rejected because my father does not want me. I am angry. I cannot trust him.”

There was such a mix of emotions and anxious rumbling that it shook her to the very core. She interpreted her father words as saying, “I do not want this child. It is going to cost me too much. It is going to be a burden.” Then she felt a surge of power within her that communicated a very overwhelming and defensive sense of defiance that she communicated to me with these words.

“I will have to show him that I am worthy of life. I will have to prove that my life has value and that I have a right to live.” This was her private interpretation of this conversation.

Her parents would not have wanted their child to live under this kind of pressure; if they would have known what was happening to her. Furthermore, her parents were not responsible for her decision. She made a decision in her heart, and then made a personal vow that she would prove her value and substantiate her right to live.

She was active in the womb, and even before she was born she was discontented with the status-qua and had “busyness” about her personality. Her parents said she had been a high level performer all of her life.

Although her soul did not consciously remember her parent’s conversation, or consciously remember making these vows, her life experience revealed the results of the decisions and vows. She lived to prove her right to live.

When the root was revealed, confessions in prayer and proclamation were required to reset the foundations of the belief system, and bring them into agreement with God and his Word.

The next step in the ministry to this woman was to confess the sin of idolatry, the self-god syndrome that declared her own power to change the perception of her worth and value. Then dismantle the self-made belief system that brought her into agreement with, “I will prove that I have value and that I have a right live.” This is what this ministry looked like.

I said, “Will you please repeat these confessions and proclamations after me phrase-by-phrase and word-for-word? And as you confess these, will you let your heart come into agreement with God’s word and design?”

The tears began to flow as she responded with a sigh of relief, and began to turn her life over to God’s design and power…”Yes, I would love to…!”

“Now, repeat this prayer after me phrase-by-phrase from your heart, ‘Lord God, in Jesus name, I confess the sin of Idolatry… I confess the sin of breaking the first five commandments, when I made this vow, ‘I will prove my value and prove that I have a right to live…’ I break agreement with these words and command them to fall to the ground right now in Jesus name… I break agreement with a lie that says, ‘My value is established in my performance …and I come into agreement with the truth that says, ‘My value is set in my creator’s love for me and by him giving his own son Jesus to redeem me.’ (Romans 5:8) ‘I agree that I could do nothing to earn this, but I can only receive as a gift what my eternal Father has given me.’ (John 3:16) ‘Lord God, will you please bring the eternal blood of Jesus and cleanse my body soul and spirit from each of these sins and each of the sins that I chose through my life because I believed these lies? (1 John 1:7) Lord God, I confess that you alone the God of my life and heart. (Philippians 2:11) I bow before you as the only Lord of my life, (Romans 14:11) in Jesus’ name.’” I paused to give her some time to process, and then I asked her.

“How does that feel?”

She responded cautiously but decisively, as if she was walking into a new territory that she had not traveled before. “I feel like a thousand pounds has been lifted off of my neck…”

I said, “Praise the Lord, but we are not done yet. Will you continue with me?”

Then we continued with the following repeat after me prayers and confessions. “I break agreement with a lie that says, ‘I have to prove that I have a right to live…’ and I come into agreement with the truth that says, ‘My eternal father chose me in Christ before the foundations of the world…’ (Ephesians 1:4) ‘My Father chose me before the foundations of the world…’ say the truth again, ‘I am chosen and therefore have a right to live because he sent me here.’ (Acts 17:26-28) (I left these scriptures in because I use the references as much as I can because it adds the authority of God’s word.)

Then I said, “Now, how does that settle in your heart?”

“It’s like… I can still feel stuff breaking off of me… almost like it is coming off in layers. Can we keep going?”

“Hey… that’s what I am supposed to say.” We laughed and kept our focus in this vein of repentance and confession as Holy Spirit led the restoring of her foundations into truth.

“Ok, let’s go here now… can you be there where you were hearing the conversation by your parents…”

A few moments passed and she said, “I am there.”

Now confess this and give this to your parents, “Dad and mom, I forgive you for causing me to believe that you did not want me. I forgive you for questioning the value of my life. I forgive you for not speaking treasured thoughts about me from my conception… ‘And Lord, I repent for judging my parents as not wanting me. And I speak blessings on them right now in Jesus’ name.”

There were other issues that we dealt with in this ministry time, but the root of this issue came from the choice she made in her soul, before she was born. This speaks to either a genetic memory and\or the eternal soul that is aware and already stamped with a paradigm that comes at conception. The older we are when the Lord reveals truth to us, the farther or deeper the influence of this belief system will have on our present day attitude and action.

For this lady, as you can imagine, there were also complications in the relationship with her father. The father establishes your identity, inclusion and inheritance. But she had set her identity in her ability to prove her value and validation. Every time she was complimented she felt vindicated in her right to exist, which caused her to work even harder. When she was corrected, her value in performance took a hit and she was broken. But this also compelled her to work harder. This was unusually frustrating because she was feeling attacked if she did perform and attacked if she didn’t perform. She could not win. What she needed was transformation… to know the truth and the truth to set her free.

Her belief system needed to be reset. The proof of value will come from her performance. This was so deep that it took the Holy Spirit coming in to reveal this lie. The lie for her was wrapped around her definition of value. Her father’s compliment for a job well done, in her heart, was not connected to his love for her but to the value she needed to feel to prove the value of her existence.

The promise of divine help was foreign to her. The divine connection between the soul and body, and between the spirit and soul that brings the light of God’s wisdom into our heart is usually activated when we come to the end of ourselves, and we ask God for his help. This shows us that the human, left to self, will give the credit for God-given design to other instinctual programming.

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Ghost teaches; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

Only God knows the places we go in our hearts that drive our decisions. He alone knows how to convict and bring the truth to us. He created the soul for his eternal purpose. Our eternal Father loves and enters our life every day. We will never be outside of his love.

You are chosen and God has never had a bad thought toward you. He celebrates every day with you as if were your birthday all over again!

What is your story? Please make a comment on how this article influenced you.
Blessings, and walk free!


We are all here.
We are all here.

One day I received a call from a mother. It was late and her boy had just come home. She remembered her son as a vibrant youth that graduated from high school with honors, and worked as a paint contractor with her husband, a building contractor. He had been a normal teenager who rebelled against his parents. Before he was out of his teenage years, he took a turn for the worst, experimented with drugs and alcohol among friends and ended up hooked. After graduation he went through a couple of drug and substance abuse programs, and had kept the pain of the soul and his demons at bay until he entered his early twenties. However, the young man she saw at her front door was not the son she remembered. When he came home, he had been using drugs for almost 18 years. In the last few years he had used up all of his friends, ripped off several construction sites and betrayed his family members so many times that he had burned every bridge for help. After years of being on the streets, getting drugs whenever and however he could, committing unmentionable crimes and sins, he was standing at her door, a 70 pound shell of emptiness. The demons had almost killed him, and this was not the first time they had tried. She said, “My son has come home, will you come and help us?” My Associate Pastor and I went over and began to minister to him. After about a two hour cleansing and deliverance session the demons were gone and he was free. He slept for days.


A Rising Spiritual Power

The Sons of God in a Dark World
The Sons of God in a Dark World

In more than thirty years of ministry, I am seeing more angelic activity, more demonic torment, more dreams and visions reported, more demonic faith, more spiritual night mares, and more powerful deliverance with sustained freedom in my counseling appointments than at any other time. Isaiah the prophet, who is more accurate than Nostradamus, prophesied these things almost 2500 years ago:

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. (Isaiah 60:1-3 KJV)

All across America, and around the world, there is a rising tide of spiritual hunger, spiritual awareness, and spiritual power that is working as yeast through a lump of dough. The souls of men and women are being activated. This includes people I have met from around the world; Africa, Egypt, India and China.

One young believer laid his life on the line every day in Cairo, Egypt. He noticed the police watching him, as if on a stake-out. One night after a meeting he started home at dusk, when the police began to pursue him. He started to run for his life. Up the stairs to the roof top, he began jumping from roof top to roof top, and then into an old hiding place. This room was secure, he thought, until the pursuing police and a few town officials busted through the door. This room had never been compromised before. His hands went up as his heart began to thank God for the privilege of being persecuted for him. There were city officials with the police this time. The officials commanded the police officers to leave them and go back to the station. This seemed highly unusual to this young man. After the police officers left and only he and the officials remained, the leader of the officials said, “Each of us have had a vision of Jesus Christ, and he told us who he was and that he was the only God. We have renounced Islam and the Muslim faith. Will you take us to your meetings?” They all went that night and joined a group in an underground meeting; and joined the church of Jesus Christ. No religion can keep God from speaking to people.

Many are seeing God as he really is while others are multiplying the lies and deception surrounding the Spiritual realm and the ministry of light and dark angels. In this book I want to bring to your attention to many insights, knowledge and understanding in the scripture, that show the source of demon activity, reveal the strategy of the enemy, show the power of the accuser, and demonstrate the authority you have for deliverance. The Lord God spoke this to his servant Hosea the prophet.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I also will forget thy children. (Hosea 4:6)

These existed before time and space!
These existed before time and space!

You are living in a society that has cast off the knowledge of God, the laws of God and the desire to even know them. They have taken prayer out of the schools, the Ten Commandments out of the courts, and the scriptures out of the classroom. Corruption is at an all time high; from the highest seat in government to the lowest station in the workplace. You and I live somewhere in between these two posts. Although Hosea 4:6 is a word from God to Israel some 2300 years ago; God has not changed and his word is still accurate and effective. If you want to be free from the torment of demons, only the forgiveness of the blood of Jesus, the authority of the word of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit will set you free, but you will have to agree with God. Demons are on a rampage through the flesh of every country on earth. Many people have more faith for the power of demons than for the person and work of Jesus Christ. Therefore, a curse of anxiety, panic, paranoia, and fear is unprecedented in the hearts of the people. The heart of the matter is what you believe. The fear of the unknown, a natural human reaction to the introduction to the Spirit realm, ranks up there in the list of Top Ten Tactics used by your unseen enemy.


This new power is Holy and unholy. In the end… GOD WINS!!! If you know Him… YOU WIN!!! But the choice is always yours!!! Learn how to fight with Holy Spirit and the angels. That is a purpose of this blog. Happy hunting!

What is SozoLife?

SozoLife is for you!

This book will show you how to walk in the Spirit!
This book will show you how to walk in the Spirit!

It was a fall afternoon when a lady came in for her first Sozo session. One of her siblings told her about Sozo; the process of the Holy Spirit to restore the soul by a prophetic prayer ministry team, and she agreed to sign up for a session because her sister asked her to. But in her mind, she expected another failure and disappointment; another fix that probably wouldn’t work. She rationalized, “What do I have to lose, nothing else has worked.” It seemed like a long shot, but she made a trip.

She had spent the last 15 years of her life in a bed of hopeless depression; 16 to 18 hours a day. She had received treatment from medical professionals without success. She had also received pastoral counseling, as well as loving help from her husband with only short term success. Her childhood memories were a patchwork of torn fabric from an abusive father, who emotionally, verbally and sexually abused her from an early age. She fought thoughts of suicide daily.

The only time she left the confines of her dark bedroom was to attend church and tend to critical family matters. As she went to church the darkness would dissipate in the atmosphere of praise and worship and she would experience moments of light and hope. Depression held her in its grip and – in darkness – uninterested in doing anything but blocking out those horrible memories that kept attacking her mind. When she came for her session she was exasperated; helpless and hopeless.

What do you Believe?

The old saying that a child is born with a clean slate to be written upon is simply not true. When you came into the world, you were given a genetic memory of the character, nature, and attributes of God, and at conception stamped with a download of the first Adam’s nature; the curse that he acquired for all humans when he chose disobedience to God’s word in the Garden of Eden. This paradigm frames every perspective and every belief system in the soul of every human born into the world. The Scripture says,

For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.[1]

In this passage you can see at least three things. First, this passage reveals that God created Adam and gave him a choice that would affect all of us. Two, Adam’s choice in the Garden of Eden is still in effect today because we all die. Three, Adam’s sin nature, leveraged on you from the beginning of your life has a solution in Christ. Through Christ you can be made whole and have ultimate victory.

I have seen the Holy Spirit literally transform hearts by revealing the deepest and darkest secrets of the human experience, and bring resolution to years of wounding and trauma. You can be whole too.

Although the lady that we started this introduction with came with skepticism, she experienced a breakthrough as the power of the Holy Spirit touched her in revelation, in deliverance, and in healing for her soul. She experienced God like never before. Her perspective changed. She gave her hurt to Jesus and he took it to the cross. She forgave her family. She repented of her judgments. She broke her self destructive vows. She severed unrighteous soul-ties. And her belief system began to change as she walked into a relationship with the Spirit of Truth.

She left her first Sozo session filled with the anointing of God that breaks the yoke. She basked in his presence all the way home and got up the next morning with no desire to stay in bed. She said, “I don’t know what happened, but I just didn’t want to stay in bed, and it was like I could not even remember the depression that God delivered me from.” A couple of Sozo experiences later, God put her fractured heart back together; and she was made whole by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Now she lives in God’s vision for her life. She experiences God’s love and lives in agreement with his Truth. The victim spirit is transformed into more than a butterfly, she is now an over comer and more than a conqueror.

After many Sozo sessions, her foundations have been rebuilt and she is walking in wholeness. She is a fighter. She is healed. She is set free. She no longer takes medication. She no longer needs to see a psychiatrist. She functions in ministry, and has pursued other professional job endeavors successfully. She guides others toward their life destiny.

[1] 1 Corinthians 15:20-22

I am completing a book that outlines each step and how to administrate this process.