In the 33 years of my pastoral ministry, this Wedding Ceremony has been voted The Best Wedding Ceremony that I have ever done. I have performed literally hundreds of weddings, and received more compliments, experienced more ahhas…, received more phone calls, and had more fun performing this Wedding Ceremony than any other ceremony I have used. This ceremony has been witnessed by thousands and chosen by hundreds of brides, who want a personal touch, and an unforgettable wedding. So, after years of love and joy, here it is A Guide to the Most Memorable Wedding Ceremony. Since a wedding is all about LOVE, you should make it all about love. Let them feel the love.

The Love of a Lifetime
The Love of a Lifetime

I am writing this book because I have given this little booklet, which I have created over the years, to a number of men and women who have officiated weddings across this land, and around the world. Just the other day a man sent me a message on Facebook, and asked for a digital copy of this book.

My friend Todd said, “Steve, this is the best wedding booklet ever. The way you do a wedding is the way I do it, and it really is the best.”

One pastor said, “Thanks so much for the wedding ceremony booklet. It was a hit. I am receiving compliments about the ceremony, and I don’t usually get compliments.”

Another minister said, “Thanks Steve for the wedding ceremony booklet. I am more personally connected in my wedding presentation now, and I have the flexibility to give the bride and groom the wedding they want. Everyone enjoys the wedding more.”

a guide to BookCoverImageIn the back of this book are three Wedding Ceremonies. They are completely written out for you, complete with blanks that allow you to fill in the names of the bride, groom, and the name of any person who may help you perform the wedding. You should be able to take the digital copy of this book and make your own booklet, for future use. I have also included in this book a few secrets that I have learned over the years, in the process of performing wedding ceremonies. You may choose to use these ideas, or not. They are here for your consideration. I hope these thoughts are useful.

It is extremely important to remember, and to remind people that God is the one who instituted marriage. He formed the first covenant, and he is there when every marriage covenant is officiated. He honors his design. When we honor his word, he establishes an eternal blessing for us. This is why, when you take the time to honor The Wedding Ceremony as his design and his plan, it brings love and inspiration to the bride and groom, as well as the people who witness this covenant celebration. When you officiate this wedding, you are speaking to all.

One lady said, “That has to be the most personal wedding ceremony I have ever attended. Where did you get that ceremony? May I get a copy of it?” I said, “Thank you. I write each wedding ceremony and have put the best pieces of the wedding over the years together. Sure, you may have a copy.”

In this booklet you will find three ceremonies to choose from, the secrets that I have used for years while preparing for each wedding, and a process for approaching and facilitating The Best Wedding Ceremony process. This is a wealth of ideas and wisdom. You will glad you purchased this book.

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