Thank you for taking the time to check us out. We are people who love. People who love living in the kingdom of God and helping people walk in health, healing, and happiness. We are raising up disciples around the globe.

The life you and I have is the only one we will get. There are some things that you can do here that you will not be able to do after you enter heaven.

There are many choices in this life for you to make but:

Only in this life can you live and be rewarded for righteous living.

Only in this life can you live as flesh and walk by faith.

Only in this life will you be able to have disciples and motivate them for the glory of God.

Only in this life can you pray for people and they will be healed.

Only in this life can you speak the word in faith and see it be fulfilled.

Only in this life can you suffer evil for the sake of God’s kingdom.

The glory of God transcends time and space!
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Only in this life can you run the race and receive a reward.

Only in this life can you hear the voice of God in flesh and choose to obey.

In this time and space is the only place you can love your enemies, and pray for those who despitefully use you.

Will you choose with me to spend your life for the sake of the Kingdom?

There is a God World View that all of us need.



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